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What makes your business stand out in a crowded market? A quality offering and great customer service are a good start. 

But if you want to differentiate your business from other solid brands, you have to be able to make your ideal clients believe that you are the only option to get them what they need. 

You’ve seen this play out a million times. Apple vs. Android. Nike vs. Adidas. Coke vs. Pepsi. 

All of these brands have loyal followings who won’t hesitate to tell you why their favorite brand is better than their rival—even though those competing brands offer really similar products. 

What makes the difference? All of these brands have figured out exactly how to capture their audience’s attention, earn their trust, share their values and culture, and tell a story people actually care about. 

Their messaging is consistent, their mission is clear, and their customers believe in them. 

If the biggest brands in the world don’t play about messaging and marketing, you shouldn’t either. 

Red Wolf and Law of Ambition have come together and created the Red Service to help you get it right. 

Push your Brand to the Forefront of your industry with the Red Wolf and Law of Ambition Red Service

From persuasive web copy to tested PR and marketing strategies, the Red Service provides your new or rebranded business with the content and tools you need to stand out from the competition, establish brand awareness, connect with your ideal clients, and build unshakeable brand loyalty. 

We’ll arm you with the strategies to win in business. All you have to do is execute. 

Website & Social Media Audit

Our marketing team will audit your website and one (1) of your social media platforms to assess what you’re doing well and where you need to improve.

Brand Story

This is where you help your audience connect to you by sharing your story and vision. The brand story is at the foundation of all your marketing and PR strategies and content.

Culture Guide

This is the core of your business. It lets every member of your team know what you stand for, how you operate, what you expect from them, and what they can expect from you.

Website Copy

Your website is where potential clients can find you online, learn about your business, and purchase your products and services. Effective website copy makes sure you never waste an opportunity to connect with your audience.

PR One-Sheet

Public relations is the way to build your brand awareness and expand your customer base by reaching them in the spaces they care about. Your PR one-sheet lets you share your brand with publications, influencers, and sponsors.

PR and Marketing Strategies

Effective PR and marketing don’t happen without a good plan. These strategies give you direction and tools for email, content, and social media marketing, paid advertising, media features, and influencer outreach.

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