7 Ways to Use Emotional Intelligence in Your Marketing

7 Ways to Use Emotional Intelligence in Your Marketing

In last week’s blog post, I explained why emotional intelligence is necessary for leading your team. In case you doubted how important EQ is, the World Economic Forum has said it’s going to be one of the most important skills to have by 2025. That’s because emotional intelligence is a tool you can use in every part of your business. Not only will it help you maximize your team’s potential but using EQ in your marketing can land you huge clients and earn massive revenue. 

When I first started Red Wolf, I didn’t have a lot to build with. I was building a digital marketing company whilst deployed in Afghanistan with no background in business or clients who could vouch for me. But I knew that I was good, and all I needed to do was to get other people to see it too. That’s where my EQ came in. Because I understood how people’s minds and emotions worked, I was able to get my dream clients to recognize the value I could bring to their businesses. I went from zero clients to working with brands like Tom Bilyeu, Rolls Royce and NBC Universal. 

How does it work? 

I didn’t trick any of those people into working with me. I didn’t lie about what I could do or the experience I had. Using EQ in your marketing isn’t about convincing people to buy something they don’t want or need. It’s not about finessing or manipulating anyone. What you’re doing is using what you understand about their emotions and needs to position your products or services as the best solution for their problems. 

Here are 7 ways you can use emotional intelligence as part of your marketing and sales strategies: 

1. Understand your clients’ needs

People don’t buy products or services. They buy solutions to their problems. So, if you want to be effective at sales, you need to be able to understand what your clients want and need. What are their pain points? What are the problems they want to solve? If you can understand this, you can help them understand why your business is the solution they’re looking for. 

2. Overcome objections 

Making sales isn’t always easy. Sometimes, especially if you have a high-end product or service, people are going to be hesitant to buy. That doesn’t mean they don’t need what you’re offering. They just aren’t sure they want to commit. When you use emotional intelligence in your marketing, you’re able to understand your clients’ objections and doubts and give them the information they need to feel confident about buying. 

3. Create an effective brand story 

If you want to stand out from every other brand that’s selling the same products or services you do, you need to give your clients a reason to care about your business. That’s where your brand story comes in. Customers are invested in brands that they can believe in. So, your brand story should reflect the experiences and values that will make your ideal client trust you. 

4. Deliver content people connect to 

There’s a lot of content out there. People are plugged into multiple social media channels. They have inboxes full of emails. They see ads on every website they visit. So, how do you get them to pay attention to your business? By creating content that speaks to them. If you can understand the feelings, fears, passions, and values your clients’ have, you can deliver content that will draw them in. 

5. Differentiate yourself and innovate in your business  

A lot of people in sales are using old, boring techniques that are either pushy and manipulative or don’t work for modern customers. By putting EQ in your marketing strategy, you’re giving yourself an advantage. Not only will you be doing things other salespeople aren’t, you’ll also be able to innovate as the market changes by keeping up with what people are interested in.  

6. Build relationships and grow your network 

You won’t always make the big sale in the first conversation. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts. One of the best clients I ever worked with took me years to land. But that’s the value of EQ. When you have the emotional intelligence to build actual relationships with the people you’re selling to, you can maintain a genuine connection and close the sale when the time is right. EQ can also help you build long-term client relationships who will be loyal to your brand and refer you to other customers. 

7. Find the lessons in rejections 

No matter how good your marketing and sales strategies are, there are some sales you just won’t be able to close. When you have a high level of EQ, you’ll have the resilience to depersonalize those situations. Instead, you’ll be able to analyze those rejections, find the lessons, and improve and adapt your strategies for other prospects. 


If you haven’t been developing your emotional intelligence, now is the time to start. Using EQ in your marketing will give you the competitive edge to attract your ideal clients, gain their trust, and build long-term customer loyalty. All of that leads to growth and revenue. 

Need support creating a marketing strategy built on EQ? Check out my company’s Red Service, a custom marketing and PR service that will get your business on track for success.


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